Ataşez mai jos protestul unui profesor. Unul care, fără nicio vină s-a văzut arestat, dat afară, fără drepturi.

August 06 2017

I and millions of “HUMANS” living in Turkey protest the so called European Court of Human Rights because ECHR, sadly and it is a great pity, does not recognize the universal values which the European Union is based on. EU and ECHR have left the “HUMANS” in Turkey at the mercy of a government that has neither ethics nor fear of God. The attitudes and decisions of ECHR about what is happening in Turkey is very frustrating for “HUMANS” in Turkey since they look at the ECHR as the last chance and a sheet anchor.  Please act now!… I beg you to recall the days of the Fascism in Europe. I am sure there are still some members old enough to remember the darkest days of the human history in Europe between 1930-1950. Please read the following personal statement of my own.


After the intended military coup of July 15, 2016 in Turkey, my both academic and personal life turned into a nightmare. My house and office has been investigated by the police and found nothing but they took computers and cell phones of all my family members and arrested me, showing no legal evidence or just cause. I have been told that I am a member of an illegal terrorist organization (FETO) which I have no idea about it and it has never been defined as such by any Turkish court. There is a universal law code that “there is no crime there is no penalty”. I had been in custody for nine (9) days before there was a so called “trial” on the tenth day and the so called “court” sent me to jail without showing any reason or legal evidence.

 I only saw a lawyer after five days. In custody, I have not suffered from physical torture but psychological agony. There was nothing other than two meals a day and toilet. Wherever they took me they always put handcuffs on me even when they took me to the hospital for a medical report.   I had to wait for ten (10) months to appear before the court for the first time. During my prison days I was kept with 16 people in a room which is 8 person capacity and has only one toilet and one shower. I could only see my family once in two months face to face and once a week behind the bars. After seven months I was be able to know the accusations against me. I committed a crime by being an academic advisor and the member of the board of trustees of a private university which had been founded in 2011 by the permission of the state authorities and had been open until July 2016. According to the court, this so called “crime” clearly shows that I am a member of a terrorist organization, an organization that establishes universities!…

Currently, I have been released by the court after ten months imprisonment but my trial still goes on. If they find me guilty I will be sentenced to minimum ten (10) YEARS in prison. I was fired from the university. As a professor I am not allowed to work; not only in the universities but also even in the high schools and colleges in Turkey.  My wife, as an English teacher, became jobless after the Turkish Government closed down several private high schools. My bank accounts and credit cards were blocked. I have a house and a car but the court put cautionary judgment on all my properties so that I could not sell them. I have three children and all of them are in colleges now. Since I have no income I have to borrow money to survive.

Yours Sincerely,