Unii chiar spun ce gandesc!!!

Speaking at the European Council, European Parliament by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ‘the Imam’s Army’ s book about a 10 percent threshold question asked a lot. Prime Minister Erdogan, Ahmet Şık’ın ‘imam Army bomb likened the book


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Şık’ın book about „The decision I did. Is a crime to use a bomb, to use the materials in the crime. The book, and here is what I was entered into the Internet. When it comes to your business do you call an independent judiciary, the judiciary due to play when it comes to Turkey would” he said. The heads of the Prime Minister to explain this important line is: „Prohibitions, poverty and the struggle to continue successfully. 8.5 years in the broadest sense has strengthened the legal props. 8.5 years ago talked of a variety of subjects, is spoken in Turkey today. Torture 0 tolerance expression freedom of bans lifted.”



Restrictions on the media does not reflect reality. Democracy 8 years ago to throw out the items and title writing instruction mafyadan yazabilmekte people writing freely. Conflicts are dissolved under the law.

I would like to remind that newspapers and journalists in Europe to promote strokes. There are 26 journalists imprisoned in Turkey. None of this is not a prisoner of journalism. Recently, those certain circles, but would like to learn in a more objective sources.

‘RESPONSE judiciary can not’

Because of the trial for various terrorist organizations and their relations with the putschists. There is no possibility to intervene at this point in the presence of the executive, the judiciary is independent. Detention period of the judiciary come out in various documents we learn his statements from time to time. I wish now is solving them. There is a long-term tutukluluklarda sensitivity and would like to resolve them immediately.

Major changes around us, gives us responsibilities on the European continent. We have democracy, law and human rights have to be above the law, not the next. We must be near a compromise, not violence. Council of Europe, including in particular on the coupling of the entire international community would like it.

I would like to support on the basis of the institutions of democracy. We proposed the concept of 2010 brought out a referendum. He also advanced democracy. Article 26 For this, we started to change, then we’ll go all the constitutional amendment. This is particularly emphasized changes in the ethnic discrimination, certainly not given, not given in the regional and religious discrimination. These are our red çizgilerimizdir.

Countries in our region is no longer with us, and how these changes have done what they ask and receive training model of the AK Party. The AK Party is not in the main kademsi women and youth branches all over Turkey with a partiyiz or older. Appeal to all countries, not only face to face, not only TV and newspapers everywhere, a partiyiz operating. Each with at least 2-3 times I went against my people and I always inference. Now the elections are going in the same way. We continue to set out an approach that emphasizes our people. In this process, we should be in solidarity with the Balkans need both the middle east countries are doing it. Place As the United States, Rustya, England, Ortadığu the Pacific are a country who can speak every ükeyle.

Delegation of myself and my female friends here, but here the two ministers came to our friends, female friends who are here. Important ideas without preconceptions. This decision has not been pressed about the book I have not called. This is what information and documents show that members of the media that the judiciary has to play here, just go to a preparatory says. See here is a crime to use anything I say, bomb, bomb ingredients to use yapılacxağı crime. Do not collect them notice of the security forces has come to make a bomb. Here, too, came before the information has come from this decision of the judiciary and security forces go to the Get vermitri said. This has been kitapinternet sites and here is what I was. This is not the judiciary from the executive decision. When it comes to our business do you call each independent judiciary, the judiciary due to play when it comes to Turkey, but Turkey diyrsuuz have an independent judiciary, a judicial conduct does not depend on. „