South-East European Diplomacy. 100 Years Since the Balkan Wars

Volumul cu titlul de mai sus se gaseste de azi pe piata. Noutatea o constituie materialele inedite publicate de catre cei 13 autori turci, 12 romani si 3 istorici din Serbia. Desigur, fiecare cu analiza si punctul sau de vedere. Volumul publicat in limba engleza aduce informatii din arhivele celor trei state despre evenimentele alambicate si tumultoase ale acelor vremuri. Pentru cei interesati o puteti comanda de pe site-ul Editurii Cetatea de Scaun:


 The Symposium – Southeast European Diplomacy – Celebrating 100 Years from the Balkan Wars –aims to offer, through the contributions that are going to be presented, a balanced pondering over these issues. We will try to examine how the extra-regional interference is adjusted in a suitable proportion, starting with the key-moment of the Peace of Bucharest of 1913, up to the present moment. The glyph of analysis will be put on the policies applied by the Great Powers, starting with 1913, and finishing with the present interest, that the actors, with an international presence of a highest degree, have expressed towards the Southeast European space. A central acknowledgement will be ensured by the way in which intra-regional dialogues have succeeded or not to generate the procrastination of the cooperation endeavors. Here the role of the Southeast European diplomacy will be underlined – as a generating factor of these types of dialogue. We will concentrate our research efforts upon the way in which a diplomatic cultural spirit can surface or not by training, within a geographical area where heterogeneity is prevalent.

The symposium aims to extract those points of view, solidly put forward and argued, with an intrinsic content as varied as possible. There is not a limited fund of ideas that is proposed as a paradigm, in which the participants have to include their papers. The Event – Southeast European Diplomacy – Celebrating 100 Years from the Balkan Wars – calls upon the organization of a meeting assailable to the debate of some ideas and of some estimations– with a mixed provenience, conception and representation. Researchers, members of different academia, people with special preferences towards the Southeast European space are welcome for the gathering up of all the research components that are distributed to panel-debates, brought under the central theme of this symposium.